suggestion: include proper QT and KDE .h files when adding member variables

Benno Senoner sbenno at
Fri Mar 17 16:07:25 UTC 2000

I am using kdevelop 1.1 under Linux,

I just made a little experiment:
I created a new QT widget using the dialog editor,
later I added a QTimer variable using the "add new member variable"

You have to manually add a
#include <qtimer.h> to the .h file.

It would be nice to let kdevelop do this automatically.
Just build a table of  QT/KDE Class  ----> headerfile ,
check if it's not already present and then add the #include statement.

second suggestion:

I think a graphical  signal connection function for widgets would be really

it would be nice to have a list of the signals provided by the widget,
which you could connect with a mouseclick to any memberfunction
(shown on the CV window) of any widget.
That would just add the connect() statement to the init function of the widget.
Plus it would be handy to track the connections so that we can unconnect
signals at any time with a mouse click.

Is this feature planned ?

PS: keep going with this wonderful project !


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