Where to put compiler options?

Jacek Wojdel wojdel at chrysler.kbs.twi.tudelft.nl
Fri Mar 17 09:05:54 UTC 2000

On Thu, 16 Mar 2000, you wrote:
> Hello,
> I've just finished an application which uses threads. Each source file
> must be compiled with "_REENTRANT" definied. This is no problem in
> KDevelop, but when I create the source tar ball, KDevelop forgets to put
> the additional compiler option into the Makefile.
> I don't know autoconf etc. very well, so here's my question: In what file
> need I write the compiler option -D_REENTRANT ?

You can put:


in configure.in file. It is however customary to allow user a control over
CXXFLAGS via original environment variable - that's exactly how KDevelop does it
by issuing change in environment just before running automake/autoconf. You
should therefore consider something like this:


Note that in case that CXXFAGS was not defined in user's environment, configure
will apply here some default value (like "-g -O2" for g++), so there's no need
to test for existence of this variable.

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