Is there any tutorial about mouse events?

Peter Thorstenson swede at
Thu Mar 16 20:14:40 GMT 2000

I'm trying to understand how to use the
mouseDoubleClickEvent ( QMouseEvent * )
for the QListBox widget. :(
I've been looking in the Qt docs but for me it's just confusing.
In the examples they do something like this:

theclass::mouseDoubleClickEvent(QMouseEvent * e){

But how do I relate this to my widget libFiles.
libFiles is not the main widget in the class.
It also says that a signal "selected()" is generated.
I connect what to this signal???

libFiles = new QListBox(Base);
//libFiles->mouseDoubleClickEvent(QMouseEvent *);   ??????????
connect(libFiles, SIGNAL(highlighted(const char *)), this ,
SLOT(slotListSelect(const char  *)));

Is there any tutorial out there that could help me???

Thanks in advance.......

Peter Torstenson
Rio de Janeiro
29 degrees and sunny....

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