kde-2: #if 0 in kfiledialog.h ???

Ralf Nolden rnolden at kdevelop.de
Tue Mar 7 10:58:43 UTC 2000

Thorsten Gecks wrote:
> Why is the #if 0 place in kfiledialog.h ? I can't compile a normal
> KDE2-App with this as you can see at bottom ...
> (I got the kdelibs-20000227.tar.bz2-Snapshot and it compiled without
> problems, qt-2.1 is installed in /usr/lib/qt-2.1 ....)

I know that is a problem. Coolo has commented out the static methods
because he wants to force the KDE base package developers to use *URL
methods with KURL and KIO::NetAccess to make all KDE apps network
transparent. You can implement that yourself by usign KURL and
KIO::NetAccess if you want to make your app network transparent. Just
take care that when running KDE 1, you have to run dcopserver and
kioslave manually from the KDE 2 bin directory in a console, otherwise
your app crashes because it can´t find an ioslave.

Coolo will activate the methods again soon, I talked to him about that
but it was a few days before the KDevelop 1.1 release that this changed.
You can also use a "workaround" by using QFileDialog for the time being.

I won´t change the templates for KDevelop 1 any more for that because it
would mean a redesign in the document /view structure when using KURL
now. I will change that for KDevelop2 where the templates will also make
use of XML Gui building (which you can of course implement in your app
now as well, see developer.kde.org for Kurt´s tutorial about XML GUI
building. For testing you have to set the xml file in your project dir
(which you have to create for that (I mean the XML file, not the project
dir)) in method createGUI("xmlfile");


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