Header-Dateien mit Extension .hh

mh moloch at nikocity.de
Thu Mar 2 18:30:40 UTC 2000

On Don, 02 Mär 2000 Martin Piskernig wrote:
> Translation:
> "I work with KDevelop1.1 under KDE 1.1.2 / UnixWare7. I have imported an
> existing project to KDevelop, to analyse the class structure. In the project
> there are files with unusual extensions, e.g. .hh for headers. Those are not
> shown in the project tree [=class browser], whereas files with .h are shown.
> Is there a possibility to set this?
> I would also like to have an overview of the used enum definitions, analogue to
> the classview. Is this possible?"
if you add your files to the project with "add existing
files" from the "project" menu and then choose "Refresh"
from the "View" menu your classes *are* shown in the 
class tree, even if they have .hh extensions.
(at least this works for me).
bye Michael

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