Cannot link c-project sources

Joachim nuklear at
Thu Mar 2 04:31:44 UTC 2000

"W. Tasin" wrote:
> Joachim wrote:
> >

> So tell us how did you create this project...

KappWizard --> C-console progamrm

> what type of project is it...

The original program was only made out of one file:

After having created the project I copied and pasted this gastracker.c
into the main.c
which was created by default by the appwizard. I then chose new file (.c
to make my program more modular. I then removed the functions which were
still all 
stuffed into gastracker.c and pasted  them into these individual *.c

My LFV tree shows all the *.c files necesarry for the compilation.
Also the RFV tree's subdirectory 'gastracker' contains all *.c and *.o

> Have you manipulated the or to make it work

--> no

> Do the modules reside in an extra directory (this would mean that
> kdevelop assumes that you want to make a static library)??

the path to where I created the project was:
~/my_gastracker (which is also the project name)
this is where the Makefile, Makefile.dist,,,
COPYING, ChangeLog, etc... are.

~/my_gastracker/gastracker/contains all *.c and *.o files 

but again also the Makefile reside inside 
which means they are present in both directories??

the subdirectories /temp and /doc
are also in ~/my_gastracker/gastrackcer/

Just to test my syntax I compiled everything at the commandline with:

	gcc -g -D_GNU_SOURCE -Wall *.c -o gastracker -lslang

this produced my executable without warnings or errors.

I noticed when pressing the make button from kdevelop it does:

	gcc -O0 -g3 -Wall -D_GNU_SOURCE -o gastracker gastracker.o

but it doesn't link with all the other *.o files??

Thank's for your patience!

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