kdk-1.1 tarball sources and Mandrake 7.0

Serge Lussier lusse at videotron.ca
Wed Mar 1 03:43:09 UTC 2000

Hi ,

 - No , this message is not to report BUGS or asking any question.
I've just finished to compile-install-run-try the kdk 1.1 release
on my Linux Mandrake 7.0 .

All I needed to do is
 - to untar it,
 - ./configure ;  make; make install.

It works very fine and the debugger is ( AFAIK ) better integrated than
the previous release.

I feel the need to thanks and congratulate all of you who make and
maintain the Kdevelop project.
It is really amazing.

I wish I could contribute but because of my work I really have no time.
I code at work all the day - every day
and there is no room remaining in my brain for other ( personal )
programing project. Yes, I still find the time
to have fun with Kdevelop.

I wanted to study Kdevelop sources... err. NO-TIME-NO-BRAIN.
As soon as  my employer stops to rush me, I'll want to do something for

For now all I can do is to ( again ) thank you very much and tell to
Keep on the work.

Serge Lussier

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