Can't specify KDE library location

Torsten Evers tevers at
Sat Jun 24 07:33:45 BST 2000

Hello, Ted !

Ted Richards wrote:
[library location]
> As far as I can tell, the only way to build kdk-1.2 is to either install
> it in the same directory as KDE (because configure will respect the
> --exec-prefix flag), which I do NOT want to do, or get in and modify the
> configure scripts.
Have you tried to make symbolic links to the library and include paths
in the main qt and kde dir ? Such as

$KDEDIR/link to <arch/lib>
$KDEDIR/link to <arch/include>
$QTDIR/link to <arch/lib>
$QTDIR/link to <arch/include>

Only an idea, but I think it should work.
Of course you have to rebuild the auto... files and do a configure and
dist clean bevor making the project.


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