cvsup server: Want to know!!!

Berndt Josef Wulf wulf at
Wed Jun 21 23:49:16 BST 2000

Richard Moore wrote
> Berndt Josef Wulf wrote:
> > 
> > G'day,
> > 
> > For more than 4 weeks, I've been patiently waiting for the cvsup
> > server to come back to live but to my disappointment it still doesn't
> > work. The error message seen here, "maximum numbers of users exceeded",
> > gives me the impression that the cvsup server has been disabled.
> > 
> > This leaves me with only one question: Will it ever come back online?
> > 
> It is online. I just checked the status of all the KDE cvsup servers and
> all but one are fine. (no one should be using the one that isn't in any
> case).
> Which server are you using? It sounds like you have a configuration
> problem.
> Rich.

Its not the configuration as it worked for many months before.
I subscribed my sources from which translates to is a nickname for has address

It appears to be either a problem with the nickname entry in the DNS
or cvsup-server.

cheerio Berndt
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