Does Programming Handbook has a mistake in Sect. 4.1.1 ?

Toshio MARUYAMA marutosi at
Tue Jun 20 10:42:29 BST 2000


I am Japanese and I am now translating
KDevelop Programming Handbook into Japanese.

I started translating from the head of this handbook,
and I have reached Chapter 4.
I have a question in Chapter 4 of KDevelop Handbook.
I suppose there is a mistaken word in DocBook Revision 1.3 .

At the first item of ordered list in "4.1.1. Qt Views", 
in line 1657-8 from top of this DocBook,

if your view area isn't big enough to display all your data,
the user must be enabled to scroll over the document with bars on
the left and bottom of the view.

I suppose that this "left" is wrong and 
the correct word is "right".
Thank you, and I am sorry my English is unskilled.

marutosi at

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