Importing .kdevdlg files into a kdevelop project?

Sven Bergner bergner at Fh-Worms.DE
Mon Jun 19 13:10:51 BST 2000

On Sat, 17 Jun 2000, Thomas Huld wrote:

> Hi,
> A short question: is there any way of importing a dialog (.kdevdlg) file
> from
> another kdevelop project (in kdevelop 1.2)?
> I've tried everything I could think of, but nothing seems to work. I can
> of
> course open the "foreign" .kdevdlg file with file->open
> from the dialog editor, but when I then generate the sources it will
> erase all
> the changes (nice new methods) I had made within the files. (I know that
> some of the files are generated automatically every time, but  others
> should
> be modifiable).
> Is there any way to resolve this?
> Thomas

Hi Thomas,
you can do it simply by using the menu Projects->Adding existing files...
In the upcoming dialog select the .kdevdlg file and it will be added to
your project.

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