Whish feature:SIGNAL/SLOT in dialog editor

Serge Lussier lusse at videotron.ca
Fri Jun 16 14:18:20 BST 2000

Hi, ( my english is horrible )
I don't remember if I already posted this request,
or if somebody did, and if someone answered
this request ....etc ... So, here is the request anyway:

It could be very (handy ?) to have the ability to setup
the SIGNAL/SLOT right from the the dialog editor.

By right-clicking on a widget, and selecting (let say) "SIGNAL/SLOT"
then setup the widget's signal and give the SLOT's name
of an other object etc...

It could be very easy to add this feature into the dialog editor's
context menu
and build the popup dlg to setup the stuff.  Anyway,the available
widget's properties are
already known isn't it ? Thus adding their signals/slots to the KDevelop
dialog editor
should not be that hard ... It could ( no  - It WILL ) save big time
adding the code manually
and it will push KDevelop even higher.

I have to say that I  would be able to try to do it by myself,
figuring out how to add this to the dialog editor. But the magic word:
is missing... I -will- have no time soon.
And my limited skills might make me take too much "TIME"
to be confortable with Kdevelop source-code before entering into the

I feel a bit deceived of myself because I already have a pretty good
on how it should be done. The point is that I know I will abandon
if I feel too much pushed/rushed about this project. I do have free
now, but I don't know for how much long...

Serge Lussier.

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