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Fri Jun 16 08:03:23 BST 2000

Werner Modenbach wrote:
> Am Don, 15 Jun 2000 schrieb OS:
> > ...and yet ANOTHER "cannot find Qt library" problem !!!!!!!!
> >
> > This is getting tedious (and I don't mean me going on about it !)
> >
> I agree absolutely.
> But what do you think should be the proper solution?
> Don't you think we should solve it somehow in the distribution instead
> reclaiming for to many people having a problem with the distribution?
> All I would like to have is
> ./configure
> make
> make install
> A simple question for entering the Qt-path instead of terminating the script
> would be the easyest. Don't you think so?
> - Werner -
> BTW: For me the work of kdevelop is outstanding! Thre might be just little
> things to be improved. One of them should be when creating a new project to
> indicate if it is based on qt-1.* or qr 2.*. The paths for qt and kde shouldn't
> depend on environment variables but should be part of the setup.
They are. You have to set the path in the kdevelop setup for KDE2/qt-2
for that which basically only get append during the project creation. If
configure fails on a qt-1.x app, you can run configure with arguments
from within kdevelop where you can append --with-qt-dir=  which should
solve the problems with qt if you know where you have it.

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