kdevelop 1.2 crashes at"debug(...)"

Falk Brettschneider gigafalk at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 14 19:27:22 BST 2000


Ralf Nolden wrote:

> Mirko Leschikar wrote:
> >
> > >> I did compile it myself, not just kdk1.2 but QT1.44 and KDE1.1.2. Any
> > >> further suggestions ?
> > >
> > > Does it work ? ;-)
> > Oops, maybe a misunderstanding. I´ve never had any RPMs, I compiled all the
> > stuff with egcs-2.91.66. I checked the paths of the shared libraries with
> > ldd, but everything looks ok. No conflict with qt2.1 or kde1.91. Kdvelop
> > crashes everytime if I try to use KAppWizard.
> This is *really* weird...I really can´t imagine how that can happen, we
> develop mostly on SuSE as well and it runs rock-stable. The only thing I
> can imagine is some conflict on the system itself and I can only advise
> to update SuSE completely, best would be to 6.4 and then compile
> kdevelop 1.2 yourself and install it over 1.1 which comes with SuSE and
> is ready to go. I´m really sorry I can´t help here, if someone else has
> a better and more time-saving solution, please tell ! ;-)

Mirko, please, compile it using the --enable-debug flag for make. Then start
kdevelop within the debugger:
  gdb /opt/kde/bin/kdevelop
Run kdevelop there and after the crash type:
on the gdb command-line. That will print the backtrace that tells in which class
and method kdevelop crashes.
Send the backtrace output to us. Maybe we see more...

  F at lk

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