kdevelop 1.2 crashes at"debug(...)"

Mirko Leschikar m.leschikar at web.de
Tue Jun 13 15:07:59 BST 2000


today I wanted to try Kdevelop 1.2 for my first program using kdelibs 1.1.2.
I created a project choosing a KDE-Normal-Application. I continued filling
out all the entry fields, pressed the "Create"-Button and then, after
configuration, the Finish-Button. 

After this, the dialog disappeared, I could see a header file for 1/2 second
and then the program crashed with a core dump.

The last function calls from gdb:

#0  0xffffffff in ?? ()
#1  0x406477e6 in _IO_vfprintf (s=0x406f4c80, format=0x81ebec3
"CClassView::refresh( proj )", ap=0xbfffeb1c)
    at vfprintf.c:1018
#2  0x4013eeee in debug () from /usr/local/qt/lib/libqt.so.1
#3  0x809829a in QString::find ()
#4  0x808a504 in QString::find ()
#5  0x80683ce in QString::find ()
#6  0x8093251 in QString::find ()

I know that this belongs to QT-Libs( btw qt1.44) but all the QT-programs I
use didn´t have any problems with the debug function.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks in advance

Mirko Leschikar * EMail: m.leschikar at web.de
Schützenstr.63a * WWW:   http://www.home.pages.de/~mister_l
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