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W. Tasin tasin at
Thu Jun 8 08:51:00 BST 2000

Robert Wheat wrote:
> On Tue, 06 Jun 2000, you wrote:
> >       but when OpenGL -KDE project is selected...its throwing error...
> > **********************************************************************
> > ./configure error...Qt-OpenGL libraries not found..please check your
> > iinstallation.
> > ***********************************************************************
> >
> >       can you suggest me the way to over come this problem..and
> > where the problem lies...
> Unfortunately, I have not upgraded to KDevelop 1.2 yet.  I am still using
> KDevelop 1.1, so, I cannot look in the configure script file to see what lib
> files are being searched for.
> The only thing I can think of is that in Mesa 3.2, the libraries were no
> longer named, and  They are now named
>, and  I believe that the configure script is looking for
> the libMesaGL files.  (I'm saying this without actually having seen the script)

I considered this in qgl.m4... it should work also with GL and GLU .... 

> Based on this, I can only suggest creating symbolic links to the libs.
> In a console window, change to the directory where the OpenGL libraries
> reside.  For me that is "/usr/local/lib".  Then create a symbolic link for the
> GL lib "ln -s"
> and one for the GLU lib "ln -s".

not necessary AFAICS...

> Also, make sure that the library 'libqgl.a" exists in the qt/lib directory.

I think that´s the problem for 80% of the people, since they installed a
QT-binary-rpm and these are normally compiled without the QT-OpenGL

(often also w/o gif support - which means that some picture-stuff in the
qt-online documentation is also missing).

> Let me know if this helps.
> Bob
> belran at



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