gripe, not a bug...

root engine2 at
Thu Dec 14 08:10:23 GMT 2000

Hi, guys!

OK, I just installed 1.2 and am trying to evaluate it on one of my old
projects. The problem: If I use "Add existing files", it copies them to
a single directory. There are over 1000 files in a directory structure
sometimes 9-deep.
  So, I just copied the direcories over, then proceeded to add files one
by one. Here comes the gripe1:

Why can I only select a single file at a time? Wouldn't it make sense to
use the M-key to allow me to add to the selection and then apply the
same action to the whole list?

Gripe 2, and this is a UI issue, big one:

Why is it that after I "Add file to the project", the whole file-tree
closes? As I said, a lot of the files require more than seven clicks to
get to them. And I mean a lot. WHat's wrong with keeping the tree
expanded? This way I could just add the files one by one, with one
(well, two, including the confirmation dialog) click. As it is I am
spending my time clicking away quite a few times for each file.

Or maybe there is a workaround for either issue?

I would appreciate any answer, so thank You in advance!

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