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Werner Modenbach werner at
Thu Dec 14 07:37:22 GMT 2000

I know there are many requests for improvements and integration of this and
that. I hesitate to throw another one on the list but I think in this case it
is really of very general interrest.
One thing I never understood in kdevelop is the approach to explicitely
"import" (or specify) a new .cpp/.h file. This seems to be a little
circumstantial (translation by ;-)) to me. Why doesn't kdevelop just
accept all .cpp/.h files in the directory subtree?

The background of my question is: I'm currently checking out CASE tools (i.e.
Together which seems to perfectly integrate with kdevelop). One of the
problems arising is the creation and interface definition of new classes. If
I do that using the case tool I get files which are not part of the kdevelop
project. I have to move them to a temporary folder and reimport them into
I mean, I don't expect kdevelop to work together with some arbitrary tool but
the steps described above are unnecessary.
I have best experiences with the method of "Together" to just accept the
files currently present in the directorytree. Dynamic generation of's and Makefiles would also make the use of CVS much more easy.
We have real big problems in a multi developer environment to use CVS. The
problems are mainly on makefiles and the kdevelop project file.

Maybe you can give me a good reason for this approach.

- Werner -

BTW: I really like the great work of kdevelop!

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