ANNOUNCE: KDevelop 1.3 released

Thomas Leitner tom at
Mon Dec 11 16:51:57 GMT 2000

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Sandy Meier wrote:

> The KDevelop Team is proud to announce the release of KDevelop 1.3
> ( This version is a major update release that
> follows the successful versions 1.1 and 1.2 to enable developers for rapid
> application development for the new KDE 2.0 Desktop. Please see the official
> Press Release ( for more
> details. You can download a precompiled version which runs on every
> Linux/i386 desktop or the full source code version. Please use the mirrors in
> case the server is blocked.

Great. I've just tried it under Tru64 with the Compaq C++ compiler (cxx).
The configuration step fails because configure thinks the compiler
supports -frtti. In fact the compiler does support his but the flag
is called -rtti for my compiler.

All these things are already fixed in KDE2! I ask you to use the KDE2
kde-common configuration scripts for kdevelop. I have no problems to
compile any KDE2 programs with them. Also the kdevelop CVS checkout
can be compiled without problems.

Thanks // Tom
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