Support for custom projects

Alexander Kuit akuit at
Mon Dec 4 14:47:47 GMT 2000

> > Our system is quite complex and historically grown. We don't use automake
> > and I'm not in a possition to change this. Anyway, my approach should
> > work without any assumption about the makefile structure, or am I wrong?
> > My goal, and I suppose many others would agree with me, is to use
> > kdevelop without assuming *anything*  about the existing stuff.
> Well, then leave out the condition of an existing in the
> directory hierarchy. Just edit the kimport script and you´re done ;)
> Ralf

I just had a closer look at kdevelop 1.3beta1. I didn't know about kimport. 
Looks like someone had the idea before me :-) 
Nevertheless, with kimport I have the same problem. Either I need's, or I need to edit kimport. I was thinking about a general 
solution and thought that my little script came pretty close. Is there 
something I don't see? I don't know automake. Why does the generation of 
project files need those's?

Also I don't quite understand why the project wizard works the way it does 
for custom projects. Is anyone using this way for his projects? (hard to 
believe). Wouldn't it be better to integrate the "Generate Project File" into 
the wizard, give it a nice gui where one is able to enter a project name, 
select if automake is used or not, etc?

Just some food for thought.


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