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Klaus Muth muth at hagos.de
Mon Dec 4 08:12:03 GMT 2000

Andre Amorim wrote:
> Hi all.
> I am a C programmer, and I need to write some GUI applications. Looks
> like Qt is a good choice, but I know very litle about C++.
> So, what is the best (and/or quickest) way to choose?
> a) Learn C++ an then Qt?
> b) Learn Qt while learning C++?
Good idea: First get "C++, the Core Language" by Satir & Brown.
It explains the differences between C and C++, without going too much
in detail and without telling you all the C stuff (you already know that).

For the details try "Thinking in C++" by Eckel, it is available for
download in the internet: http://www.MindView.net/.

> c) Dont care about C++, just use Qt?
Not possible.

> I have used Borland C++ Builder once, and ``c'' worked well. Would it be
> applied to Qt too?
Why not? It's name is C++ Builder, not just C Builder.
But to be not completely off topic: try kdevelop! 

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