Strange configure error with kdevelop project

Hauke Hildebrandt Hauke.Hildebrandt at
Thu Aug 31 07:05:51 UTC 2000

Frank Nichols wrote:
> You didn't say what the failure was, but I may have had the same problem. My
> issue turned out to be that the latest KDE2 beta4 (and later) is NOT source
> compatible with older versions. The result is the template created by the
> wizard is not correct. I am playing around trying to modify it myself while I
> wait for an upgrade - seemed like a good chance to learn a bit about how
> kdevelop works.
> /fn
> --
> while( ! world->perfect ) {
>     whine;
> }

Well, it works fine for me. The kdelibs are not source compatible, ie
the API has changed, but as for the kdevelop template this amounts to
only small changes:

1) If you are building a new app, consider deriving the YourApp class
from KMainWindow, not KTMainWindow. The latter is in the kdelibs for
backward compatibility but deprecated. The setView() method must be
replaced by setCentralWidget().

2) The kapp->getConfig() must be replaced by kapp->config().

3) You have to explicitly #include kconfig.h when using the
kapp->config() call, and klocale.h when using i18n().

These were the things I remember right now. However, the API changes
should just give you compiler errors, not errors while running
configure. What are the error messages of configure?


Hauke Hildebrandt
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