Updated to KDE 2 beta4 and can no longer build kde2 projects?

Ralf Nolden nolden at kde.org
Tue Aug 29 18:39:34 UTC 2000

Oliver Eichler wrote:
> >
> > Seems the vodka-lemon weekend had it´s influence still on tuesday !!
> > ;-) Or do I need holidays ???
> Hey Ithought you got exams :-P
> oliver

I took the weekend off to drive to my parents as they went away and I
had to look for the house which ended up with my friends taking me to an
event...you can imagine the rest of the story. However, the next exam is
in September and I think I really need some holidays after 5 years of
hard work; we´ll see if I´m still able to turn my head off for three
weeks ;-)

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