V2.0 feature suggestion

Markus Gustavsson mighty at fragzone.se
Wed Aug 23 01:32:14 UTC 2000

Hello list,

I thought about a possible feature for KDevelop 2.0 which
would be very helpful for many codes when it comes to having
a good overview of the code written.. Why not make it possible
to change the tone of the white background of the editor to
a shade of one color? Assume I want to mark line 200-210,
with a couple of keypresses, I could mark these lines, and
have the normally white background have a *slight* shade
of blue, red, green or whatever.. A couple of keys for 
different colors, like-> I go to line 200 with the cursor,
press a special key for green tone, while holding in the
green tone key, I scroll down with the cursor as long as
I want, and than just release it, the area stays colored
until I go over it with a colortone reset key, or just use
an option which resets all colortones for the whole document.
It would be really good to have a feature like this for
being able to as fast as possible localise where different
code subsegments within any really large function is located.

Hope someone see this and think it's a good idea, I'd really
like it so I can stop using my ugly /******* BLABLABLABLA START */
all over the code all the time.

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