Version probs with autoconf and autoheader

Werner Modenbach modenbach at
Tue Aug 22 09:50:34 BST 2000

Hi everybody.

I started using kdevelop some time ago and upgraded version without any
problems. Currently I'm running kdevelop 1.2. It works fine with all my
Now I created a new project and the config process tells me I need autoconf
2.13 or higher.

But "autoconf --version" says : Autoconf version 2.13.
By analyzing the prob I found "autoheader --version" answering : Autoconf
version 2.12.
What does this mean? How can I solve this? Why do my old projects work fine
while the new one doesn't?

Thanks for any hints.

- Werner -

Werner Modenbach		 modenbach at
ALC Computertechnik GmbH

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