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On Tue, 15 Aug 2000 you wrote:

>  The second. I inserted a GIF file that is on the subdirectory
> appname/appname -the subdirectory of the application-; but when the
> application is compiled on another machine, there do not appear the
> graph; and the size of the main window is completly different -the
> default size was not kept-. The graphic file is on the two both machines,
> because it is on the  directory with the rest of the aplication. Do you
> know how can I fix it?

Maybe you forgot to install the application? This is needed for KDE

> The third: how can I give publicity to the application once
> developed? It is a free (free-speech) aplication, and I would
> like that people use it. Do you know how to do that the most
> of the people would known about its existence.

are good address, where you can register your application.


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