three questions

David Santo Orcero irbis at
Tue Aug 15 17:24:49 UTC 2000

 Hello, all!

 I have nearly finished a KDE application, using the excellent
kdevelop. It was REALLY easy and fast developing with it; but I have three
questions that I could resolve.

 The first one: I developed the main window using Kdevelop's dialog
editor. I defined that had a fixed size of the main window (defining
isfixedsize as true, and giving the max size, the size and the min size
equal to the size). Anyway, the compiled application
refusses to obbey that, and resizing is allowed. Due to the nature
of the application resize should not be allowed; then, how can
I lock the resize?

 The second. I inserted a GIF file that is on the subdirectory
appname/appname -the subdirectory of the application-; but when the
application is compiled on another machine, there do not appear the
graph; and the size of the main window is completly different -the
default size was not kept-. The graphic file is on the two both machines,
because it is on the  directory with the rest of the aplication. Do you
know how can I fix it?

 The third: how can I give publicity to the application once
developed? It is a free (free-speech) aplication, and I would
like that people use it. Do you know how to do that the most
of the people would known about its existence.

 Thank you in advance!



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