multi-platform/cross-platform compilation with KDevelop?

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Sun Aug 6 16:18:45 UTC 2000

At 16:57 04/08/00 -0400, you wrote:
>The above answers let you use KDevelop as it is now. However, it's not 
>what you really want.
>I am currently working on an enhancement to KDevelop 1.2 to add some 
>multi-target features.
>If I'm successful, I'll submit the result to the real developers for 
>review and possible inclusion,
>probably into KDevelop 2.x. However, this is my very first attempt at 
>contributing to an opensource
>project and working with KDE, so obviously you should not depend on it 
>until you really
>see it. The overall multi-target support requirements are large and 
>diverse, and I'm initially
>trying for a subset of what you want plus some other goodies. The only 
>reason I'm announcing
>my intentions is to see if others are also working on this.

I tried the way of maintaining make files by myself - very painful.
And I am very glad that you are working on this improvement - waiting 
Good luck!!

Leon Pollak
leonp at

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