multi-platform/cross-platform compilation with KDevelop?

Dan Clemmensen danc at
Fri Aug 4 20:57:37 UTC 2000

Heiko Nardmann wrote:
> I am currently reading through the "KDevelop 1.2 The Complete Manuals" documentation.
> Currently I am in chapter 5 but looking at the table of contents I am missing the possibility
> to set up multi-platform/cross-platform compilation. That's how I understand it:
> multi-platform compilation: currently we have a project targeted at HP-UX, Solaris, Linux and
> Windows NT. The sources are hosted at the Linux machine (taken from Visual Source Safe
> on Windows via Samba). On the other Unix machines access to the sources is given via NFS.
> So on every Unix machine we have the same sources. To keep platform dependent files
> separate from each other platform the Makefile creates object, lib and binary directories
> depending on the name and release of the os and hardware of the platform.
> Now I wonder whether KDevelop can be setup the way that running KDevelop on Linux enables
> me to compile the sources e.g. on the Solaris machine? The platform dependent files still have
> to be separated into different directories.
> This feature is offered by SNiFF+ as far as I know.

You can do this with KDevelop, but only by maintaining the makefiles yourself, as far as I know.

> cross-platform compilation: additional to the feature above I would like to compile for different
> targets on my Linux machine, i.e. doing cross compilation simultaneously to the native compilation.
> How about that with KDevelop?
> The platform dependent files still have to be separated into different directories.

If you maintain the makefiles yourself, this is not a problem, since you can create a rule
that simply does this.

The above answers let you use KDevelop as it is now. However, it's not what you really want.
I am currently working on an enhancement to KDevelop 1.2 to add some multi-target features.
If I'm successful, I'll submit the result to the real developers for review and possible inclusion,
probably into KDevelop 2.x. However, this is my very first attempt at contributing to an opensource
project and working with KDE, so obviously you should not depend on it until you really
see it. The overall multi-target support requirements are large and diverse, and I'm initially
trying for a subset of what you want plus some other goodies. The only reason I'm announcing
my intentions is to see if others are also working on this.

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