Doubts starting using kdevelop

Charles Kibue ckibue at
Tue Aug 1 08:31:02 UTC 2000

On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, you wrote:
> Now I have another doubt: when I was changing the kdevelop's set up, the program
> adviced me to download the program glimpse or htdig. What are the diferences of
> both? What helpful it could provide?
> Regards, Rodrigo

	Glad to hear things worked out there, I'm more familiar with htdig
since it's what I use. It is a www information gathering and indexing system.
In KDevelop, it indexes the HTML documentation and allows one to search through
these docs for particular words etc etc. Htdig may be obtained from your
installation CDs or their homepage:


To use htdig with KDevelop, you need the additional package kdev_htdig.
I got mine from the site:


This site lists additional packages to enhance the functionality of KDevelop.
The packages there are optimized for Pentiums and SuSE Linux and may not work
for other distros, do give them a try or search for the package in the
KDevelop and KDE homepages. 	
	These packages, glimpse or htdig let you search through the extensive
KDevelop and KDE docs for keywords and is very useful indeed. Good luck.


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