kdevelop 1.1 crashing X on an Ultra 1

William Bryan bill.bryan at eds.com
Sat Apr 29 00:32:26 BST 2000

I have a copy of kdevelop 1.1.  It was compiled and running on a Sparc
Ultra 1 running Redhat 6.0
I upgraded to Redhat 6.1.  Before and after I recompiled kdevelop 1.1,
the product is crashing the
X server.  Currently, it is crashing the server when I start it.
Sequence is:

1) start kdevelop
2) answer yes to kdevelop asking me if I want to open the last project -
since it crashed the last
    time it was run.  Sorry, I do not have the exact syntax of the
3) The main windows opens up and the tip of the day window is opened.
4) X crashes and I am sitting at the login panel again.

I run kdevelop using strace.  It says (near the end ) that it has opened
and read the tip of the
day file.  It then starts writing to the X server.  It gets to on
message going to the X server and
says that the write is never completed.

I have compiled the program on a totally new install of Redhat 6.1 on an
Ultra 1 and see the
same symptoms.

Can anyone help?
I am sorry it this has already been discussed, but I am fairly new to
the newgroup.

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