Problem with configure

Richard Moore rich at
Thu Apr 27 18:41:06 BST 2000

Michael Mueller wrote:
> Richard Moore wrote:
> > Well, there's always the hacky solution:
> >
> > echo  '#define SOMEPATH "/foo/bar"' >> config.h
> >
> > But it sucks :-(
> >
> > Rich.
> First I don't want a hacky solution. Second, this doesn't solve the problem, that my
> program needs to see the -DSOMEPATH="/foo/bar" as compiler option without the quotes
> being removed by some shell or what ever.

I meant that you should put this in your configure script. Not
as a one off thing! However it is a hack as I said. You should
probably talk to Stephan Coolo as he is the resident autoconf/
automake expert.

> Nevertheless thank you very much for thinking about it.

No problem


> Michael

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