KDevelop 2.0 crash on "File->New"

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at post.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Apr 26 07:12:25 UTC 2000

Falk Brettschneider wrote:
> Hi Shane,
> Shane Rogers wrote:
> >
> > I did that, and after recompiling kdevelop still crashes on File->New.
> Uuhmm...sorry, now I understand what you mean.
> Well, this crash is because no project is loaded and that´s why the
> filenew dialog tries to access a null pointer.
> Of course that will change when the project management is improved.
> Meanwhile you can workaround, if you load any project before you click
> File->New.
> Note that kdevelop2 is not thought to be a working version yet.

There are several places where you get a segfault if you don´t have a
project loaded ;-) e.g. the classbrowser toolbar buttons. 
As Falk said, we will work on kdevelop but for production use kdevelop
1.1 or 1.2.

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