qt libraires: fixed. g++ broken

Luis De la Parra Blum luke at inferno.saturno.mx
Thu Apr 20 00:04:11 UTC 2000

Hi everyone...

> There's no qt-1.33 on any of SuSE's distribution cd's since 6.0, so maybe
> you just installed it over an existing distribution?
Nope, before I was using RedHat 6.0 and had another partition for windows. Then
I decided to give  SuSE a try and installed 6.3,  while I was at it I also 
got rid of  windows once and for all. that means that i repartitioned the whole
HD, so I don't think anything could be from a previous install =) 

The qt (1.33) that I'm talking about was installed in a directory 
/usr/i486-linux-libc5/lib. I don't know, maybe they still ship 1.33 just in
case some old program needs'em, but yes, they are not in the QTDIR anymore...
hmm. I just checked it, and it came in a package called 'shlibs5' just in case
you want to take a look at it.

> > checking for Qt... libraries /usr/bin/qt/lib, headers /usr/lib/qt/include
>                                    ^^^^^ > It can't be found in /usr/bin/* -
>there has to be /usr/lib/qt/lib. > Don't know how this could happen :-/ > IS

yes, it's /usr/lib/qt/lib and /usr/lib/qt/include, I made a mistake typing, but
that's, what i meant. sorry =(
>your $QTDIR set? > Check it with: > echo "$QTDIR"

yes, QTDIR is set to /usr/lib/qt, that was the first that I checked =)

> You need the pakages:
> egcs (or gccfront - _never_ both together!!!)
> gcc
> gpp
> gppshare
> libgpp

I got gcc, gccfront,gccinfo,gppshare,and libgpp. The rest that I mean when I
say that I installed almost all from there are a bunch of  libraries that says
that are needed for "compiling and linking binaries that will run in SuSE 6.1
and others..."  I re-checked packages dependencies, and they don't seem to
conflict with any other pack. but if you say so, I'll try deinstalling them...
 > and everything depending on these and: 
> qtlibdev
> qtext
> (qtcompat)
> (not together with qtdevel2 !!!)
that's exaclty what i got installed for qt. I had installed qtlib2 (run time,
no development) but I've tried uninstalling qtlib2 and nothing happens... 

> No - not in this way - seems that you have broken your system ;)
Yes, that's what I'm starting to think =(, but it shouldn't be, I installed all
from the cd, and did a 'check dependecies' before installing,
and I haven't been playing around since the install (i just installed), so I
don't think I could have broken my system so fast =)

>some of  them exclude each other and then won't work in the way they should.

yep, I know, but the pack. dependencies didn't show any conflict between the


thanks anyways Bjoern, I'll just keep trying, and if anyone has any other ideas,
PLEASE let me know..


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