Kde2 and qt2 include files location...

Serge Lussier lusse at videotron.ca
Wed Apr 19 18:41:48 UTC 2000

Hi, ( sorry for my bad english if any)
My Linux is Mandrake 7.0
KDE2: ( binary RPM date: 20000418  - yesterday's message)
    are kde2 and qt2 ready for app developement ? if so then I have a
newbie-like question:

    I want to compile my app under kde2 and qt2.
    KDE2 libs and include files locations are found by the configure
script but not  QT2.
    The configure script still look at the /usr/lib/qt and
/usr/include/qt .
   Thus, I don't know how to fix this.

    - QTDIR is OK
   - LD_LIBRARY_PATH is ok ( otherwise, kde2 wont run ...)

    Would anybody help me?


Serge Lussier

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