qt libraries

Luis De la Parra Blum luke at inferno.saturno.mx
Tue Apr 18 21:21:26 UTC 2000


ok. first of all I want to say thanks for Kdevelop, it is really great!...
I was using kdevelop 1.0 on my laptop running RH6.0 and everything was going
great, but now I decided to give it a try to SuSE, and so I installed SuSe 6.3
and got KDK 1.1 while I was at it, but I got a problem...
When I try to create a new project, when it says "Checking for Qt...", it says
that it cannot find the qt libraries.
I have installed the packages qtlibs (run time libraries) and qtdevel
(development) from the SuSE cd, so I guess it's looking for them in the wrong

I had installed the package qtlibs2 (run time libraries from qt 2.0) but then I
thought maybe that was the cause, and now I have uninstalled it, but still...

Maybe I could just make a link or something, but I don't know where it is
expecting to find the libraries. Everything (including KDK) was installed from

mm.. something else... after saying that it can't find qt, it keeps creating
the project, and when it's done it shows me the project skeleton, but if i try
to make it (without writing anything extra) it says "make: no targets".
Is that because it gave up making the makefiles after not finding qt, or do I
have another problem there? =)

If somebody is using suse, has had the same problem, or has any idea what i can
do, I'll really apreciate it. 

hope somebody can help me with that.

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