Todays mailbombing top three

Thomas Regner tomte at
Tue Apr 18 13:46:49 BST 2000

On Die, 18 Apr 2000, you wrote:
> Hmmm i had the same problem but that had nothing to
> do with the sender or the list, just with my way of getting
> my mail. Netscape was setup to leave messeage on the server and
> somehow got the old messages too when getting new ones.
> The same can happen with fetchmail, when it looses track on
> what was the last messges it got. But that only seems to happen when you
> leave the messages on the server.

This message reached me four times, I don´t let any messages on the server,
maybe someone who has the knowledge could examine the headers, to see if they may confuse 
a fetchmail-process.
I´m curious how often my own message hits me ;)


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