Todays mailbombing top three

Erwin Rol Erwin.Rol at
Tue Apr 18 12:33:57 UTC 2000

Hmmm i had the same problem but that had nothing to
do with the sender or the list, just with my way of getting
my mail. Netscape was setup to leave messeage on the server and
somehow got the old messages too when getting new ones.
The same can happen with fetchmail, when it looses track on
what was the last messges it got. But that only seems to happen when you
leave the messages on the server.

Maybe somethign like that is your problem, hope the info might help.


mh wrote:
> debug("Roland Schäfer, Mon, 17 Apr 2000"):
> > Am Mon, 17 Apr 2000 schriebst Du:
> >
> > I send the messages two times (my fault), but why does not appear 6
> > times?
> >
> Are you asking me ? I really have no idea. I receive some messages
> 3 times, others 2 times.
> A few minutes ago a mail from W. Tasin was delivered 3 times.
> BTW I'm not blaming anyone of the subscribers, and it's no
> problem if someone inadvertently sends his message two times.
> But this seems to be a technical problem, it would be nice
> if someone could fix it.
> Thanks
> Michael

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