using shared libs other than QT/KDE.

Joachim Ansorg Jockel123 at
Fri Apr 14 22:45:46 UTC 2000

A question or understanding:

I thought libraries with te extension .a are static libs. Why should you have both?
I'd say he has to cut lib & .so* if it's a shared lib.

Right or wrong?


>Serge Lussier wrote:
>> My problem is that the only zlib files I have are the shared .so files.
>> I don't know how to use shared libs and how it work...
>> Is someone cool and kind to be willing to explain to me what I have to
>> do ?
>First you should have the .so - library file (f.e. and a .a file
>(libz.a) in one of your lib/ path's. Look into /etc/ to see
>wether it is automaticaly used by linker.
>Go to Project -> Options -> Linker Options in KDevelop and add "-lz" to
>the line at the bottom (without quotes).
>The string behind "-l" depends on the name of your .a file - just cut
>"lib" & ".a".
>Now include the needed header file in your sources and use it's functions.
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