using shared libs other than QT/KDE.

Serge Lussier lusse at
Fri Apr 14 20:07:40 UTC 2000

Bjoern Krombholz wrote:

> First you should have the .so - library file (f.e. and a .a file
> (libz.a) in one of your lib/ path's. Look into /etc/ to see
> wether it is automaticaly used by linker.
> Go to Project -> Options -> Linker Options in KDevelop and add "-lz" to
> the line at the bottom (without quotes).
> The string behind "-l" depends on the name of your .a file - just cut
> "lib" & ".a".
> Now include the needed header file in your sources and use it's functions.
> Bjoern Krombholz

Hi all,
Thank you for your help.

  It's so obvious..I was so stupid!
I did not look enough carefully to see the file "/usr/lib/libz.a" ...
The only reason  I have to forgive my self is that when I did search and
post my question, I was so f%$# tired and dead meet.

Actually I already know how to add additional static libs. Thus,
next time I'll wait and rest before getting in panic and cry for help
that's it: "-lz" ... doh!

Forgive me, ...etc...
Best regards,
Serge Lussier

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