Problem w/ bounding box in Postscript files generated from QPrinter

Steven Suson suson at
Fri Apr 14 22:07:10 UTC 2000


    Having encountered this bug both in a KDE application which I am
developing, and in several KDE/Qt applications while printing to a file
(whose use was destined to be to be converted to another graphics
format), I feel that it pervasive. The Bounding Box in the generated
output postscript file is completely incorrect. I have observed that no
problems occur when going directly to a printer. I am unsure whether
this is because the generated postscript is different, or whether most
printers don't care about the Bounding Box parameter. However, all the
graphical display programs (such as ghostview) and format conversion
programs (such as ImageMagick and the gimp) apparently rely extensively
on this parameter. If I can provide further information, please feel
free to contact me. System information follows:

KDE version           : 1.1.1
QT version              : 1.44
OS/Distribution     : Red Hat Linux 6.0
Compiler                  : egcs 1.1.2

Thanks for your time,
Steven Suson

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