Problems w/ Dialog Editor

Steven Suson suson at
Fri Apr 14 16:54:25 UTC 2000


    What should I do to ensure that this gets into the 1.2 release of KDevelop? Should
I (or you, for that matter) submit this as a patch that fixes the bug?

    Also, do you happen to notice why at some point, it would drop adding the suffix
(demonstrated by my 2nd kdevdlg file), and since this only happened when I added a new
widget, I suspect the entire file would be needed to demonstrate the bug...

Thanks again,
Steven Suson
"Keep the faith."

Richard Dale wrote:

> Sorry - a small correction to my previous post
> On Thu, 13 Apr 2000, Richard Dale wrote:
> > ie add this line:
> >     props->dumpStringPropCall(stream, "setSpecialValueText", "SpecialValText");
> >
> should be:
> bool withi18n = ((CKDevelop*)parent())->getProject()->isKDEProject();
> props->dumpStringPropCall(stream, "setSpecialValueText", "SpecialValText",withi18n);
> get a localisable string for KDE.
> -- Richard

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