How can I rearrange the LFV?

Daniel G. Clemmensen DanC at
Mon Apr 10 15:05:18 UTC 2000

Leon Pollak wrote:
> Ralf Nolden wrote:
> >
> > Hey, this kind of feature was never requested nor planned, so you can´t
> > say not implemented because we can´t, but not implemented because not
> > demanded ;-)
>     Hmmm. Can you consider this to be a demand? All I am asking for is an ability to
> "Drag & Drop" files between groups in LFV...
Hi, Leon. If Ralf doesn't have time now, perhaps you or another developer
can handle this. One possibility would be to store the LFV as a separate
directory structure containing links. If you to that, you can then use
the same drag & drop that the RFV uses, and get the functionality you are
looking for with minimal coding. I'm not yet a KDeveloper, so I cnanot
yet attempt this myself.

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