Kdevelop crash

Simon Derr sderr at ensisun.imag.fr
Mon Apr 10 14:41:41 UTC 2000

	Hi, I'm developping a project using Kdevelop and in it's current
state Kdevelop crashes when I run my program with the F9 key.

Kdevelop coredumps and its last words are : 
EXEC:./trykplotQGList::locate: Index 1 out of range
ASSERT: "s" in widgets/qmultilinedit.cpp (1853)

(trykplot is the name of my project)

I have the latest Kdevelop snapshot, but this occured also with my
previous version that was one month old.

When running in a xterm, the ouput of my program is (do not count ****):

Caught unexpected Exception at top level : Standard library call
failed(tcgetattr: Ioctl() inappropré pour un périphérique)
Giving up.

oops, pine has cut the second line, in fact there are only three lines,
the first is empty, the second is Caught... until ) and the last "Giving

If I comment out parts of my code to remove the second line (the long
one), Kdevelop no longer crashes.


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