Weird kdevelop problems

W. Tasin tasin at
Mon Apr 10 14:11:55 UTC 2000

Sean Harmer wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, you wrote:
> > On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, you wrote:
> > > so please try to compile/install and use an actual snapshot...
> > > it wouldn't be quite good, if we would port an error to version 1.2.
> > >
> Just tried installing todays' snapshot of 1.2, and it gives the same errors as
> kdevelop 1.1. I tried using the Search in files dialog and this kicks up the
> error:
> grep: /bin/grep: cannot execute binary file
> in the konsole from which I am running kdevelop. It sounds like something has
> gotton screwed up on my system and kdevelop is having trouble executing
> commands, even though I can execute them manually from the command line.
> Weird heh?

KDevelop uses /bin/sh for it's processes...

IIRC some process-calls inside KDevelop were still /bin/bash... this was
an changement, we had to made.

So please try to do the following:

#/bin/sh -c 'perl --version'
#/bin/sh -c '/bin/grep --version'



> Any more ideas?
> Cheers,
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