How can I rearrange the LFV?

Leon Pollak leonp at
Mon Apr 10 10:09:08 UTC 2000

Hello, Falk and all.

Falk Brettschneider wrote:

> Hi Leon,
> Leon Pollak wrote:
> >
> > Hello, all.
> >     Please, how can I insert files in the LFV? How can I move files from
> > one folder to anoth
> >
> The LFV is the _logical_ file view. It just shows all files inserted to
> the project. To group them in subfolders, you need to define filters for
> the file suffix. Use the right mouse button.

    Yes, I saw this.  But this means that having project with 100 *.cpp files
and 50 *.h files I shall have two folders only. I think that this is a little
bit difficult to orientate in such amount of files. What I am speaking about
is the ability to organize "virtual" folders which allow me to group files
according to their functional purposes. I didn't see how I can do this in

    Please, come more questions.
1. How can I force Kdevelop to use my compiler (in my case this is cross-gcc)
instead of gcc?
2. How can I add directory with include files to compilation process (analog
of -I.... command line parameter)?

Once more a lot of thanks for reply.

leonp at

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