strange keyboard behavior with UnixWare7

Ehmke Eggert ICN WN ES D 56 Eggert.Ehmke at
Mon Apr 3 14:13:45 UTC 2000

I have KDE/kdevelop installed under Unixware7. My problem might not be
specific to kDevelop, but there seems to be a relationship. The point is, I
cannot use the keys under the AltGr key on my german keyboard "{[]}\@" in
the kDevelop editor and kwrite. Strange enough, kedit understands them ! To
make things more complicated, I am forced to access the UnixWare system via
remote X, using the Xoftware X client under NT.

As you might believe, I would like to have access to these keys, at least
the braces and the brackets. If anyone could give me a hint...

Eggert Ehmke

Eggert Ehmke	Siemens AG Berlin       ICN WN ES D 56
		Email:	eggert.ehmke at
		Telefon:	+49 30 386 29796
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