Indinite recursion

Ralf Nolden Ralf.Nolden at
Tue Jul 27 21:24:56 UTC 1999

Ulrich Heinen wrote:
> >
> >Ralf
> Maybe you have a different version of automake? Mine is 1.2 ...
Wow, that's what I call outdated...;-) Mine is 1.4.

Well, I have removed all dots and it didn't harm. Go ahead and try, the
CVS version includes the best fixes ever made ;-) Classparser/viewer
works again, docs are in place and bugs are fixed -BTW: the error parser
seems not to work with mouseclicks anymore...;-( Sandy ?

Another question: as release time is coming near, does anyone think
incomplete handbook translations should be left out of the package
installation routine ? (ONLY from the routine, not the package. People
can still view the translations and copy them if they want to)


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