That konfigure thing that you do...

Stefan Mars mars at
Mon Jul 26 20:44:56 UTC 1999


Someone just digged through the mailinglist archives from march/april or
so and read that autoconf thread. Since I said I would be working on some
more userfriendly handling of auto* the person emailed me and asked me to
send an update message to the list.

Ok, so here it comes: Work on konfigure (or whatever the final name will
be) has progressed more slowly than I thought back then, due to:

a. A huge designerror. I eventually tossed away all code and restarted,
because it was impossible to live with.

b. Exams

c. Got a job. And when I spend 9 hours coding at work, konfigure is
getting less attention.

d. Parsing the *.m4 files is actually harder than it looks, at least for
what I have in mind.

Anyway, work _is_ progressing though, but I am not going to be stupid
enough to set a deadline :-)

As for integration with kdevelop I am taking care to make sure that it can
be compiled as standalone program, as well as being an integrated part of
kdevelop. 'nuff said.


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