A couple of minor problems

derek_mason at smtpgw.liebert.com derek_mason at smtpgw.liebert.com
Mon Jul 26 13:17:57 UTC 1999

     I'm just starting to use (or rather set up, prior to use) Kdevelop.
     I'm currently using SUsE 6.1 with kernel 2.2.7 on a Compaq Armarda 
     1700 (P11 300MHz 64Mb ram 5.6G disk unit wiv 4 partitions, lilo boot 
     Kdevelop appears to have a couple of minor problems for me.
        1)      the AUTHORS file isn't created during a project creation    
                which seems to inhibit the user documentation creation.
        2)      Although the API documentation is created it complains      
                about the non-existence of Ksgml2html.  Now I thought I'd   
                tracked that one down, but it resolved itself into a perl   
                script called niceUI*  Installation of this hasn't helped.
        3)      I haven't yet been able to track down the kdelibs           
                documentation necessary to complete the documentation in    
                the package. Whenever I ask it to generate new              
                documentation it complains about not being able to find the 
                KDE libs directory.  I know it doesn't mean the _real_      
                libs, but probably the documentation which I guess would be 
                installed under $HOME$/kde* or somesuch.  However I haven't 
                been able to identify this properly in order to download    
                it.  AFAIK SUsE uses KDE 1.1 and I haven't changed it.
     Any helpful advice would be _more_ than welcome as I have only limited 
     time to devote to this but would dearly like to have a fully 
     operational system to demonstrate to others. (Thus winning more *NIX 
     converts from the Windoze world)
     Many thanks in advance,
     Derek L.G. Mason

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